Sunday, 14 January 2018

Recent Paintings

Here are my latest efforts, mostly painted at Avon Valley Artists except where stated.

Final version of Red Squirrel. I let the colour run and mix.

Three Squirrels. Not sure what species as they don't look like the native red nor like the  grey intruders that infest our woodlands. I'm not happy with the bottom animal.

This was an AVA subject 'Fruit'. Initial drawing above.

A Tonto Apache , either a captive or possibly a scout. Not keen on the face colours. Got it wrong I think.

An Indian Chief. I have become fascinated by facial drawings that use masses of thin squiggly lines. This is my take on them using Staedler Fineliners , 01, 05 and 08. Drawn first - or should I say 'squiggled' first. Then small washes of Ultramarine Blue applied.

This is the second one I did using several odd fineliners. Again Ulramarine Blue applied with more strength. I enjoyed doing both these.

Latest AVA subject 'Glass'.

As I've said many times before these are just my paintings which I don't present as 'good'. Just my recent efforts. Most are 16" x 12" Waterford either standard or High White. The reason is the bottom ones are painted on the back of previous discarded paintings. I've a huge pile of these and with the price of paper escalating.........

Saturday, 6 January 2018

MOLOTOW Masking Fluid

I have recently tried the new Molotow masking fluid and so far am quite impressed. This is a preliminary view.

2mm top and 4mm bottom  The tubes 5 inches in length.

See the effect of the fine lines of fluid. The fluid was put down first then, when dry, a wash of Ultramarine Blue painted over. When fully dry the lines were rubbed out using a putty rubber.

This is a new product - at least in the UK. The tubes work with a pump action that releases the fluid - a pale blue colour - to the tip. Initial testing seems to indicate good control better than using a ruling pen, which is my previously preferred option. With practice use of these tubes should enable quite good control. You can do dots, lines etc of varying size and thickness. 

Masking fluid isn't every artists favourite. Some won't use it at all. You do have to be careful not to overuse it but in the right context it is a useful tool.

Current Jacksons prices are £4.60p for the 4mm and £4.30 for the 2mm. There is also a refill available. I've ordered one but they are out of stock so haven't received it yet. I've no idea yet how long each tube will last.

Several of my painting friends are now trying this product. The only comment so far is from Jan who says it is difficult to remove the fluid from certain papers. I would guess softer papers are the main problem and this applies to other masking fluids.  I haven't found a problem with Waterford, where it is removed using a putty rubber.  You do have to rub fairly vigorously. This is however always a potential problem with most, if not all, masking fluids,  especially if the fluid is left on the paper for any extended period. The paper surface is damaged and comes away. My friend John Softly in Australia says he finds the Daniel Smith system creates finer lines. I have tried the Daniel Smith system, which comes with a variety of different sized, interchangeable, plastic tips. In my case the problem of cleaning these tubes after use put me off.

When I have more feedback I'll add them to this post.

Added 14/01/2018. Some of my painting friends are complaining that the Molotow fluid is proving difficult to remove. This could damage the paper. I have managed to do so without damage using a hard putty rubber but I can see the difficulty.

Added 17/01/2018. Pebeo have now added two tubes, similar to the Molotow ones except they appear to be in 4mm and 7mm. At the moment Jacksons are awaiting stock of the 7mm but the SAA (Society of All Artists) are listing both. I'll certainly give them a try.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Watercolour Paintings (38)

To start 2018 off with a bang here are the latest batch of paintings I've collected. A quite wide collection of subjects, styles and techniques. It is difficult to believe some are watercolours but all are supposedly such.They don't all attract me personally - loose paintings with a minimalist approach are my preferences - although I marvel at the skill and concentration that must have gone into them. Something for everyone?

Diane C Benoit

I'm a big fan of Dianes work.

Bev Jozwiak

I'm a fan of Bev but she does use mixed media a lot. I think this is mainly watercolour.

Tulay Sayilgan

Alisa Kalinova

I don't know this artist and it illustrates a shot from her studio rather than a single painting. It struck a chord with me and I thought I'd include it. I like the treatment of the tomatoes, is that"s what they are.

Kris Pressian

Another new artist. This is amazing and it's hard to believe it is watercolour. The detail is staggering. How this was painted is beyond me.

Robert Zangarelli

Aynur Akalin

Reminds me a bit of Gerard Hendriks.

Steve Cole

Another new one. This is obviously a political statement which I don't normally push, although I have strong views on many things including  politics. It just seemed a very interesting painting.

John Sal Minen

Another new one - amazing detail

Richard Stevens

Romer Urs

Another new one.

Gerard Hendriks

A typical bird study from Gerard

Necla Ayvaz

Quite amazing isn't it.

Nuwka Ivanova

Li Ronghui

Again staggering attention to detail yet it is said to be a watercolour!

Emile Romerr

Another new artist

Apirak Garuda

And still they come another new to me.

Aymur Akalin

Need I say it? Another new artist (to me).

Charles Reid

A Xmas sketch for a postcard I think.

Gerard Hendriks

A change from his more usual birds and animals. terrific though. Just shows how talented Gerard is

Gerard Hendriks

Another winter scene. Love it.

That's it folks. I hope you like them. Many are worthy of study.

Sunday, 24 December 2017


Happy Xmas to all my followers and all those who visit this blog. Sadly my friend Mick Carney died recently at the early age of 70. I met Mick on a Charles Reid workshop and subsequently two more. A great guy who will be missed by his family and friends.

As I reach my eightieth birthday tomorrow I have been mulling over what to do with the blog. I don't have a great deal to say these days, and would just be mainly repeating myself so take the view if you have nothing to say don't say it. I think I'll continue  for a while, even though traffic is decreasing, due no doubt to my lack of activity. It will mainly feature my own stuff with the occasional foray into other subjects.. Goodbye Mick is was great knowing you, a man of many talents.

Sunday, 10 December 2017


I have just updated the Index. This is accessed via JUNE 2014. I hadn't realised I had not done so recently. For those who are newish to this blog there is a lot of good stuff - even if I say so myself - to be perused. Click on Close - top right hand corner, then scroll down until you get down to JUNE 2014. I know there are more sophisticated ways to set up an Index but unfortunately my skills fall short of this. Apologies.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Recent Paintings

Here are my latest efforts.

This and the painting next were done as part of our AVA subject of 'Autumn'. A hedgehog on the lookout for food.

See above. This one has found an apple!

So was this.

This is an uncompleted sketch done for the 'Autumn' subject. I keep meaning to do some more work on it. A bit redder than the actual painting.

This subject for the AVA was 'Looking out of a door or window'.

Same as above

This is an American comedienne, although I don't know much - or anything about -despite her apparent fame. Shown here with pet.

Red Squirrel - Winter scene. The actual painting isn't quite as red as shown above.

Another 'Winter Scene' - I believe this is a Redpoll/

Squirrel showing he doesn't like the snow and cold either!

These paintings were done on either Khadi hand-made paper or  Waterford High White. The exception is the red squirrel, two above, which is Britannia Rough. I did have a spell using Britannia, which is a Hanhnemuhle paper, one side is quite rough with a  pattern that some might not like, while the other is smooth. I haven't tried to paint on the smooth side so don't know if this is feasible. If you can cope with it a very good budget option.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Watercolour Paintings 37

Here are Decembers batch of watercolours. I have indulged myself a little with paintings from some of my favourite artists. Some of the others are new to me but worth further exploration.

Gerard Hendriks

Gerard Hendriks

Stan Miller

Alvaro Castagnet

Robert Zangarelli

Winslow Homer

Arus Muradyan

Mika Toronen (?)

Adisak Soisuriya

Charles Reid

Charles Reid

Gerard Hendriks

Janine Galizia

Z L Feng

Trevor Lingard

That's it folks.